Would you like to meet other internationals over a drink and in a cozy atmosphere during the colder Winter days? 

We know that meeting new people can sometimes be hard, which is why we organise our monthly Meet&Mingles! Joining is free, and we encourage everyone living or working in the Leiden region to come. 

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Sinterklaas is a beloved tradition amongst many Dutch people, and his arrival brings many traditional snacks, presents, and music. 

There are two important Sinterklaas festivities in the Netherlands:

The Sinterklaasintocht marks Sinterklaas' arrival in November, traditionally by boat, accompanied by helpers called 'Pieten' or Pete. Sinterklaas makes his way through the city in a parade on horseback or even a motorbike, sharing pepernoten and engaging with the children and community.

During Pakjesavond on the 5th of December, Sinterklaas delivers presents to younger children and older children and adults participate by exchanging surprises with hidden gifts.

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Sinterklaas in Voorschoten

Food & Drinks

The Leiden region has plenty of cozy restaurants, bars and cafés to offer. 

You can warm up at one of the terraces on a rainy afternoon or grab a bite after a museum visit. Or do you want to meet a friend for coffee? You will find that there is something for everyone, from street food to fancy restaurants, from popular places to hidden gems.

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Special Opening Hours

Around the hollidays, Leiden shops are offering extended opening hours for your convenience - whether you're doing Sinterklaas or Christmas shopping, there's always a suitable time. In addition, shops have adjusted opening hours on public hollidays. Wondering when the shops will be open during the winter months? Follow the link below for all opening hours.

Overview extended opening hours (in Dutch)
Christmas lights in the city centre

New Year's Eve

Dutch people love celebrating New Year at its fullest! From chilly dives in the sea, to a warm taste of oliebollen, everything is possible in this magical night. Most importantly: fireworks. This tradition requires a bit of extra caution, so be sure to check the recommendations from the municipality of Leiden.

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