We aim to make international employment and life in Leiden and the greater region a successful experience

What is Leiden International Centre?

Founded in 2016 as Expat Centre Leiden, we offer government services, give information and provide a network to internationals living or working in the Leiden region. We refer internationals to partnered businesses relevant to the international community. 

Our aim is to help highly-skilled internationals and the companies they work for, give internationals a social network and help all parties to ensure their stay in the Leiden region is ultimately successful.

Leiden International Centre is a non-profit organisation. All of our services (except for BSN registration appointments) are free.

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Our clients are companies, highly skilled migrants, intra corporate transferees, scientific researchers, entrepreneurs, recent graduates, highly educated EU citizens and their families. Services are offered in all stages of the expat life. 

Companies / HR departments can consult us about necessary procedures, legal aspects, forms and more. The LIC offers this service to both companies based in the region and those considering moving to the region. 

It is a place where companies and municipalities can be informed of the latest trends and developments about internationals and companies with international employees. 

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The services we offer in more detail 

The LIC offers government facilities, such as registration. Internationals will receive a Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer - BSN) immediately after registering at the LIC. We do this without a waiting list. 
The LIC also has an in house desk for face to face or email information regarding anything to make an expat’s life in the Leiden region easier. Questions range from international schools that offer A-levels or IB, the health care system in the Netherlands to the best bakery in town. 

We can be of aid with residence and work permits, the 30% ruling and other official matters. 
We also offer a network for internationals to get in touch with each other through events and activities. 
Last but not least we refer internationals to partnered businesses that will be relevant for them such as banks, tax and legal advisers. 

Vision 2024

By helping organisations directly, the climate for settling can be improved quicker than by solely targeting the internationals. Within the target groups ‘Organisations’ and ‘Internationals’, the LIC will develop along four axes: Talent, Community, Hospitality and Strategy. Each of these axes is important and their sum will create a flourishing talent region where companies are eager to settle.

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