Benefits of working with Leiden International Centre

Types of residents

The following types of residents are handled at Leiden International Centre:

  • Highly skilled migrants and/or family members
  • Scientific researchers and/or family members
  • Orientation year students
  • Privileged persons/diplomats
  • Entrepreneurs
  • EU citizens with an employment contract with a minimum of four months 

Free consultations

Leiden International Centre offers free consultations to provide advice and support to employers in the region who currently have – or are looking to hire – international employees. 

We have the knowledge to answer any question you might have. And if we don't have the answer, we have partners specialising in law, tax, relocation services, housing and more who can help. 

Contact our manager Jenny to make an appointment.

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Service Providers for Employers

Leiden International Centre Helps ChannelEngine to Grow

In 2022, the International Centre helped more new employees from ChannelEngine than any other company in the region (excluding Leiden University).  

Randy Petrus, Manager HR Operations: “Our collaboration with the Leiden International Centre started primarily with the administering of citizen service number (BSN) registrations for new employees. Through them, this is done quickly and efficiently, which is very pleasant. Our newcomers can therefore quickly start working for our customers as a result. A win for everyone."

Learn more about our cooperation with ChannelEngine

Corporate newsletter

We want to keep CEOs, HR managers, relocation agents, and anyone working with internationals informed through our corporate newsletter. Learn how we can help businesses with municipal registration and other international-related matters. Look out for this newsletter three times a year, plus occasional special editions with important updates on the hiring of internationals.

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