Our partner Blue Ninja  hosts a course for internationals who need assistance starting their business in the Netherlands. They explain bureaucratic matters such as the process of booking a registration appointment at the KVK (Chamber of Commerce) as well as advice on how to start developing your business network.

Small Business Connections NL is a network founded by Blue Ninja to help entrepreneurs build connections and grow their businesses. They meet regularly in Leiden.

In addition, Leiden International Centre provides free consultations to employers who currently have – or are looking to hire – international employees.

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For Start-ups:

In order to obtain a start-up residence permit in the Netherlands, entrepreneurs must collaborate with a recognised Dutch facilitator. A facilitator is a company that can guide and give tailored support to a start-up. More information on start-up facilitators can be found here. To manage the various different logins you may need for start-up including the UWV, municipalities, Tax and Customs Administration, and insurers, you can check out the services offered by eHerkenning.

The Dutch government provides funding for certain types of start-ups. Find out if your start-up qualifies for government funding here.

Dutch Government's Information for Start-ups
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