Volunteering is a great way to help others and the local community, but there are also many benefits for volunteers!

Here are a few reasons to volunteer: 

  • Update your skills, or learn new ones 
  • Get involved in your community 
  • Keep busy in your free time 
  • Improve your Dutch skills 
  • A great addition to your CV 
  • Meet new people and expand your network 
  • Support a cause you believe in 
  • Get to know your local area better 
  • Develop new interests 


Want to start volunteering? There are many different types of volunteer work, suitable for all types of skills and areas of interest. Check out the websites below for a range of opportunities for people who speak limited or no Dutch.

  • ACCESS – this organisation relies on English-speaking international and Dutch volunteers who enjoy helping others adjust to life in the Netherlands. This can be a great stepping stone to find a paid position in the Dutch job market.
  • VrouwKindCentrum (VKC) - the Women Child Centre De Spiegeling is a diverse and inclusive volunteer organisation, For and By Women. Run completely by volunteers, they are always looking for more, like hostesses, lunch cooks, childminders, coordinators and teachers. There are Dutch courses and during the courses there is childcare for young children. The VKC is a place to meet other women/mothers and practice your Dutch.
  • Contrast Leiden - a social group for international and Dutch students, which also organises volunteering projects for its members. 
  • HelpX - a worldwide platform that offers people the chance to select preferred locations and types of work, with a wide variety of options and time periods available.
  • Incluzio - a local organisation that offers various possibilities for volunteering. They have a vacancy site with a lot of volunteering positions at social organisations in Leiden.
  • Meetup - a platform for social groups and clubs offering various meet-up activities for expats, sometimes including volunteering.  
  • NL voor Elkaar  - a platform which matches volunteers with those who need help with everyday tasks, such as DIY jobs or bringing groceries to elderly people. The site is in Dutch, but you can place your offer to help in English (or any other language). 
  • VoorleesExpress - (for Dutch speakers) an organisation that seeks to provide extra assistance to children from the ages of 2 - 8 who are experiencing language delays. Volunteers can help by reading aloud to the children, playing language games, and supporting the families in the child's language development. It is also possible to volunteer as a coordinator, coach, or organiser.
  • Vrijplaats - a local organisation with various projects that offer possibilities for volunteering.
  • Workaway - a worldwide platform that offers people the chance to select their preferred locations and type of work (from helping in hostels to volunteering on farms), with commitments ranging from several days to several months.
  • Museum Voorschoten is looking for volunteers in all kinds of areas, such as handyman or catering. Some basic level of Dutch would be appreciated, but is not mandatory. Contact the museum to find out about the possibilities! 

You could also consider volunteering for organisations you’re already involved in, such as your local sports club or your child’s school. 

If your Dutch is sufficient it may be possible to volunteer for foodbanks, charity shops (kringloopwinkels), or at the LUMC

Our Partners in Volunteering

Internship at Leiden International Centre

Are you looking for an interesting, international internship in Leiden? Are you a proactive, independent worker? As an intern at Leiden International Centre, you will have the opportunity to contribute directly to the expansion of our non-profit organisation, all whilst developing a wide range of skills and experiences that can help you in your future career. 

Leiden International Centre is looking for an intern to start in February 2024!

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