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Top 10 Things To Do in the Leiden Region

Whether you're looking for activities to do on a day or weekend trip, or you live in the region and want to explore all that Leiden and its surrounding areas have to offer, this top 10 list is sure to provide some inspiration! From feeding goats at Zoeterwoude's Boerderij 't Geertje to visiting Voorschoten's beautiful Duivenvoorde Castle, there's something for everyone in the Leiden region. 

Top 10 Things To Do in the Leiden Region

Leiden is the capital region of museums

No other city in the Netherlands has so many extraordinary museums within walking distance from each other, offering a large array of nature, art and culture. 

Leiden alone has 13 fantastic museums. Visitors can see Dinosaur skeletons, masterpieces by Rembrandt and Lievens, Wajang puppets from Indonesia, an Egyptian temple, treasures from Japan and everything about the relief of Leyden. But there are much more museums to visit in the region!

The museums of the Leiden region

Sample dishes from all over the world

Leiden has hundreds of restaurants, cafés and bars. Every cuisine imaginable can be found here, and there is something available in every price range. If you want a tasty lunch or a relaxing drink at the end of the afternoon, Leiden has plenty to offer. You’ll find that many of Leiden’s restaurants and cafés are located in beautiful historic monuments, each with its own rich history. This is what gives the city its special ambience.  

Restaurants & Bars

Discover the places you can’t afford to miss

Leiden is the Key to Discoveries – so have you discovered all there is to discover yet? With nearly 3,000 monuments; ranging from almhouse courtyards to mills and from churches to city gates, the whole of Leiden's inner city is one monumental centre. The distances within the canals are small; you can walk inbetween Leiden's the most striking monuments with minimal effort, making it an absolute must. 

Highlights of Leiden

City Guide

There is so much to see and experience in the Leiden region. With its rich history, museums, theatres, bustling city centre, shops, and restaurants, it's impossible to be bored in the city of Leiden. But don't forget the region! Leiden is surrounded by idyllic villages such as Voorschoten and Leiderdorp, each with its own rich fascinating history. 

You can discover them in the Leiden City Guide, which is full of tips and inspiration! 

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