Spring in the Leiden region is so vibrant

Spring is a magnificent time in the Leiden region. With the days starting to feel longer as the sun begins to set later, it’s a great time to watch the flowers that surround the region bloom. There are so many places to see and things to do, the opportunities are endless. While the holiday season may have passed, springtime is filled with its own set of festivities to celebrate, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. To help plan you can look at this year's national and public holiday calendar


The season begins with the much-anticipated opening of Keukenhof from 21 March to 12 May. Here visitors can discover over 800 varieties of tulips and a wide range of other flowers by visiting this beautiful botanical garden. Tickets for park admission and bus transportation can be conveniently purchased at the Leiden tourist offices in-store or directly via the Keukenhof website.   

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Would you like to meet other internationals over a drink in a refreshing environment during the spring days? 

We know that meeting new people can sometimes be hard, which is why we organise our monthly Meet&Mingles! Joining is free, and we encourage everyone living or working in the Leiden region to come. 

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King's Day

King's Day is a highlight in Dutch culture and is celebrated nationwide in the Netherlands. The whole country dresses up in orange colors and plays traditional games that you’ll want to try. In Leiden the festivities are endless, you can run into flea markets, parties, and live music at every corner.  

Other great options for those who desire to celebrate King’s Day outside the city but stay within the Leiden Region are our neighbouring towns Voorschoten and Leiderdorp.

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Remembrance & Liberation Day

Remembrance Day in the Netherlands observed on 4 May, is a solemn occasion dedicated to honoring the sacrifices of war victims. At 20:00, a nationwide two-minute silence is observed to commemorate those who suffered and gave their lives for the liberation of the Netherlands. Liberation Day follows on 5 May, marking the end of World War II and celebrating freedom in Dutch history. Festivities and events across the country pay tribute to this significant milestone.

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Outdoor Activities

Food & Drinks

Leiden is home to many charming hotpots for going out to restaurants and cafés, especially during spring when the weather makes these venues a lot more enticing to visit.   

There are so many places to try in the region and if you’re a big foodie you’ll want to check out our guide to add to your list. 

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