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LEVEL Building
Bargelaan 190
2333 CW Leiden
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Housing consultations

Get free housing advice by Expat Mortgages

Have you been thinking of buying a property instead of renting? Wondering if you are eligible and what will be your monthly costs?

Fred van Maanen from Expat Mortgages will gladly answer all your mortgage related questions. If you have proper paper with you, he will also calculate your maximum mortgage capacity, as well as giving you an indication on your monthly expenses. He will also describe how the buying of a property process works in the Netherlands and highlight important rules and regulations for you.The consultations will take place in the booth of Leiden International Centre helpdesk in the LEVEL building (Bargelaan 190 in Leiden).

Please sign up for your consultation by using the "reserve online" option. 


  • Om de 2 weken op donderdag 13.45 - 16.45 uur