Spring Hotspots in the Leiden Region

| Leiden International Centre

During Spring many restaurants and cafés in the Leiden region begin to blossom. Whether you’re craving delicious food or on the hunt to find your favorite drink, Leiden has many places that can live up to your taste palate. Many establishments start to open their terraces and host wonderful events that are worthy of a visit. Here are some potential options you can explore with your friends, family, or solo. 



For those seeking Easter plans, consider joining this special surprise three-course brunch offered by the award-winning restaurant Het Prentenkabinet, on 1 April. Located in Pieterswijk Leiden, this place blends the best Dutch and French cuisines. You’ll be able to enjoy your tasty meal with their outdoor scenic park terrace.  

Close by De Waag, is another great option for good food and scenic views. This establishment is housed within a historic building next to the old river Rijn and offers dishes inspired by flavors from around the globe. With their lively events featuring dancing, borrels, and live music you won’t be short of a good time.   

Annie's can be tempting if you’re looking for simple tasty food. Situated under the old historical bridge of Leiden next to the old river Rijn, you cannot go wrong by simply enjoying fresh salads, delicious sandwiches, and soups with a beautiful view of the boats passing by the terrace on a nice sunny day. If you are a foodie who’s interested in Dutch cuisine, Annies also has Dutch Kroketten on their menu 

On the other hand, you can also set your target on Lot & de Walvis. A unique restaurant situated in the Leiden harbor where you can experience the luxury of sitting outside with a perfect view of the boats surrounding the area. Their menu is tailored for people keen on trying out Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, offering an array of fresh delicacies that go in hand with the spring season. Aside from the food, a broad menu of cocktails, beer, and wine is offered to provide a premium experience to enjoy your time outdoors with good company. 

Located in the center of Leiden and the heart of the canals is Einstein, fusing traditional Dutch flavors with global influences offering the perfect setting to enjoy lunch, dinner, or unwind with a refreshing drink. Sip on expertly crafted cocktails or explore their curated selection of fine wines, each chosen to complement and enhance your dining adventure. On sunny days, their terrace provides a delightful relaxing spot to watch the passing boats. 


If cakes and coffees are more of your thing. Starting with Cafe Roos, pinpointed within the new Rijn. It is a lovely place that offers a complete set of fresh healthy products to eat, and they also have coffee, tea, wine, and beer. If you’re in for a nice piece of cake, Café Roos will not let you down, as they prepare homemade fresh pies such as a typical Dutch “homemade Mother pie.” 

Another recommendation is the critically acclaimed café in Galerie Cafe Leidse Lenten, a place blend to bring out the rustic aesthetic of the restaurant. The terrace is a great place to enjoy nice drinks and a tasty menu while being in the comfort of cosy music. The café also boasts a unique art exhibition and a wide range of antique furniture that give the place more character.  

Although, if you’re in for a café where you can sit outside and enjoy the sun in complete silence, be sure to stop by café het Koffiehuisje van Leiden. This café can be found in the historical center of Leiden close to Rijksmuseum van Oudeheden set in a traditional Dutch house. It’s a place where you can enjoy a nice cup from the coffee bar and fresh sandwiches that complement the spring season excellently (salmon goat cheese, mozzarella, homemade quiche).  

Stads café van der Werff is also worth mentioning as a place to set your eyes on. A restaurant with a stylish golden bar inside and sunny terrace close to the old bridge of Leiden, van der Werff is up to par with many other top-notch cafés. It’s perfect during every month of the spring season but especially in June/July since the warm weather has settled in.