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  • La sonate de vinteuil

    La sonate de vinteuil Nathalie Milstein pianist

    La sonata de vinteuil is part of the concert cycle within the theme 'Letters, stories, poems...

    donderdag 28 september

  • Animal Academy

    Animal Academy

    What if your teacher were an elephant? Or your tutor a leopard? Find out what would happen...

    t/m 29 oktober

  • Market in Leiderdorp

    Market in Leiderdorp

    Every Thursday, the market vendors are ready for you at the market in Leiderdorp.


  • Market in Zoeterwoude

    Market in Zoeterwoude

    Every Thursday afternoon, there is a small-scale weekly market in Zoeterwoude.


  • Consultation by Expat Mortgages

    Consultation by Expat Mortgages Housing consultations

    Get free housing advice by Expat Mortgages


  • Duivenvoorde Castle, Open to the Public

    Duivenvoorde Castle, Open to the Public

    The Castle Duivenvoorde in Voorschoten, will open its doors to the public from April 6th to...

    t/m 17 december

  • Maps: Navigate & Manipulate

    Maps: Navigate & Manipulate

    The exhibition Maps: Navigate & Manipulate shows the variety and beauty of maps from around...

    t/m 29 oktober

  • Japan on a Glass Plate, 19th century photographs from the Kurokawa Collection

    Japan on a Glass Plate, 19th century photographs from the Kurokawa Collection Japan Museum SieboldHuis exhibition

    More than 150 hand-colored photos and various objects offer a unique insight into Japan in...

    t/m 3 maart 2024

  • Exhibition: Unimaginable

    Exhibition: Unimaginable

    In the Unimaginable exhibition, we bring the visitor as close as possible to Antoni van Leeuwenhoek....

    t/m 7 januari 2024

  • To Breathe: Leiden Kimsooja

    To Breathe: Leiden Kimsooja

    On the Oude Vest, the Lucas van Leyden Fund is realizing the public artwork To Breathe: Leiden...

    t/m 18 november 2024

  • Market in Voorschoten

    Market in Voorschoten

    Those who visit Voorschoten will certainly notice the joyous atmosphere that is almost tangible...


  • Pleintaptoe


    The Square Taptoe promises to be another great spectacle! Once again this year you can enjoy...

    zaterdag 30 september

  • Emine Bostanci: Dareyn Q.7 - contemporary music from the Orient

    Emine Bostanci: Dareyn Q.7 - contemporary music from the Orient

    As a trio Dareyn already played at De X, at De Burcht, but now the group returns in a partly...

    zaterdag 30 september

  • Helpdesk for Internationals

    Helpdesk for Internationals

    Have a question about being an international in Leiden? Our helpdesk is available to give free...


  • Market in Leiden

    Market in Leiden

    Biweekly street market along the Nieuwe Rijn waterway.


  • Video Appointments at the Helpdesk

    Video Appointments at the Helpdesk

    Make an appointment for a video call with our helpdesk and have questions answered.


  • A-Meezing-festival


    During A-Meezing Festival, there will be four musical acts for the audience to sing along with...

    zondag 1 oktober

  • Leidse Hout Nature Connection

    Leidse Hout Nature Connection

    Join Kimberly from Wildwood Wisdom for a peaceful walk through Leidse Hout - the foresty area...


  • Water Lily Concerts in Leiden

    Water Lily Concerts in Leiden

    Join the free concerts in the Waterlily bandstand at Leidsehout park.


  • Pieter van der Werffestival

    Pieter van der Werffestival

    The cultural event for and by secondary school students. Acts from the Pieter van der Werffestival...

    maandag 2 oktober

  • Lunapark


    Together with your friends and family, enjoy a great carnival at various locations such as...

    2 en 3 oktober

  • Gateway to Leiden's Relief

    Gateway to Leiden's Relief

    Monday, October 2: the fair opens, the goods market starts, the city becomes more and more...

    2 en 3 oktober

  • Mini coral

    Mini coral

    3 October Vereeniging will host the 32nd edition of the Mini coral.

    maandag 2 oktober

  • Funked Up Party

    Funked Up Party

    Brace yourself for 6 bands and 5 DJs spread over three rooms! Funked Up once again presents...

    maandag 2 oktober