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After living in Asia for seven years I have a good idea of ​​what international highly educated residents need and what issues they encounter. I manage the Leiden International Centre, part of Leiden&Partners, since 2016. I play a role in LIC's funding, steer LIC towards greater impact in the region and motivate the young people in the team. From my HR background I have a great interest in everything related to talent and business needs. Let that all come together at Leiden International Centre! 

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I am originally from England and did an Erasmus year in the Netherlands. Later I came back here to get my master's degree because I loved living here so much. I did an internship at the LIC during the pandemic because I wanted to improve my Dutch and help other internationals. In November 2021 I was happy to take over the role of coordinator from Joke. Now I work with our local business partners, make sure our helpdesk and registration appointments run smoothly and I work on attracting and retaining talent in our region. 

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I was an intern at Leiden International Centre in 2021, a choice I mainly made because I lived in Montpellier, Southern France for half a year. During my time there, I discovered how helpful it is to have an organization that is there to assists you adjusting to your new environment. I looked for opportunities to contribute to this in the Netherlands when my exchange was over, and luckily I came across the LIC. In January 2022 I got the opportunity to work fulltime at the LIC, and I am happy to be back so that I can continue to support internationals in the Leiden region. 

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I am originally from Australia, although I have also lived in France, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and England. I chose to come to the Netherlands for my bachelor’s degree, and I enjoyed living here so much that I decided to stay. Having spent much of my life moving between different countries and cultures, I’ve experienced first-hand the questions that arise from relocating to new places. I enjoy working at LIC’s Helpdesk, as I feel that it is important to provide internationals with the resources to make their journey as smooth as possible, and to help them discover their new home in the Netherlands.

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