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Head of Business Development at Leiden& Partners

After living in Asia for seven years I have a good idea of ​​what international highly educated residents need and what issues they encounter. I have recently transitioned to the Head of Business Development Manager position. Previously, I managed the Leiden International Centre, part of Leiden&Partners, since 2016. I play a role in its funding, steer Leiden International Centre towards greater impact in the region and motivate the young people in the team. From my HR background I have a great interest in everything related to talent and business needs. Let that all come together at Leiden International Centre! 

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Originally from England, I first moved to the Netherlands for an Erasmus Study Abroad Year in Utrecht. I enjoyed living in the Netherlands so much that I decided to come back to study my Masters in Amsterdam. During Covid I made the move to Leiden. I love living here because of the city's cosy size, historic centre and great location near the beach, lakes, and other major cities.

I have worked at Leiden International Centre since November 2021 and have been manager since 2023. My favourite part of my job is helping to make Leiden a better place for internationals by supporting them and their employers with information and guidance.

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Communication and Events Officer

I moved from Italy to the Netherlands two years ago to study the Middle East, and immediately found my home. I soon decided to settle here, and Leiden International Centre gave me this opportunity first working as an intern and now overseeing the centre communication and event planning. Helping other expats finding their new home in Leiden is not only a way to give back, but also an opportunity to learn more about the city and my future life as an international in the Leiden region.

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Helpdesk Professional

I discovered my love for the Netherlands more than 25 years ago while volunteering in Amsterdam. In 2007, my family and I made the life-changing decision to relocate from the UK to the Netherlands. I remembered how it felt to arrive into a new culture and country that was not my own. In my role as a helpdesk employee, I draw upon my own experiences to connect with and assist the people I encounter. I find it important that there is a dedicated space where internationals can readily access support and resources whenever needed.

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Online Communications & Event Planning Professional

I worked at Leiden International Centre from 2018 to 2019 and returned in 2023. With a Dutch background but having been raised internationally, I understand our diverse demographic well. Leveraging my familiarity with the Dutch language and culture, I am dedicated to offering services that ensure internationals feel at home. In my current role, I oversee online communication and event planning at Leiden International Centre.



My passion for languages and different cultures brought me to always take on new adventures from leisure into my professional life. Most recently, upon completing my studies this led me from the USA to the Netherlands for an internship with the Leiden International Centre. The Netherlands not only attracted me with its beautiful landscapes and urban planning but also its welcoming nature to foreigners from diverse backgrounds. Working in Leiden and helping others adjust to life in the region is a meaningful way to contribute to the community, learn more about the region, and build experience in my career. 


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After living abroad in Libya, Norway, and Schotland for 6,5 years, my adoration for broadening my network with people from different countries never vanished when I returned to the Netherlands. Even though I finished secondary school in a dutch environment, it did not discourage me from following my bachelor’s degree (European Studies) in English, during which I had the pleasure of meeting students from all over the world. 

Moreover, my time abroad also made me realize the difficulties of adjusting to an unfamiliar environment, especially if you do not grasp the language yet. For that reason, I hope to support Leiden International Center as an intern by making expats feel more at ease during the process of settling in the Leiden region.

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