An Employers Guide: A Walk Through Our Consultations

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From simplifying international talent onboarding to forging strategic partnerships with trusted service providers, we empower employers to thrive in an increasingly globalised world. Discover how our consultations can help bridge the gap of information for businesses of all sizes who are looking to hire internationals. The center offers support and specialises in Leiden, Leiderdorp, Voorschoten, and Zoeterwoude. 

Our consultation services cover a wide array of crucial aspects for employers, including:

International talent onboarding 

We assist highly skilled internationals and their employers by facilitating expedited BSN registration appointments, offering information, and guidance. We help these processes and save time by ensuring employers comply with regulations and submitting the correct information to avoid delays in processing.  

A great perk of registering with us is that this allows your employees to register with their employers’ address for up to 3 months, leaving them with more of a cushion if they’re searching for housing. With the exception of BSN registration appointments, all our services are provided free of charge.

Our centre can also support your company with onboarding your employees through a welcome presentation.  

In our commitment to support we offer personalised video calls for employees and in-person consultations with employers, where you can ask further questions and ask for guidance on anything that might be of concern or interest to you.  

Understanding needs

A conversation to understand the employers needs and vision when hiring international talent. Whether it’s something that might need a solution to or are solely looking to explore options with the center, we are here to assist and refer to our network. We leverage a robust network of service providers to seamlessly connect employers and their employees with resources for a smoother transition.  

Beyond talent onboarding, our network encompasses a broad spectrum of services, facilitated through our network of trusted partners. Through this diverse network, we ensure comprehensive support for employers and their international workforce. 

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Leiden International Centre for Employers
  • Leiden International Centre for Employers

Diverse partner & support network 

Our service providers are specialised in working with employers and supporting them with their varied needs. Their expertise covers several crucial areas:  

  • Business support 
  • Legal services 
  • Taxes 
  • Relocation services 
  • Healthcare 
  • Language schools 
  • Mortgage advisors  
  • Language schools  
  • Policy advising 

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Additional services offered by our centre

  • Receive corporate newsletter  
  • LBSP Human Capital Steering Committee  
  • Newcomer guide in Leiden PDF for your employees  
  • Welcome presentation for current staff  
  • Service cost for registering new employees can be paid quarterly 



In a testament to our commitment, our impact is demonstrated through the success stories of the businesses we've assisted. In 2023 alone, we assisted 170 regional companies in hiring and retaining international talent. Additionally, our helpdesk facilitated 540 BSN registration appointments and engaged in over 1,200 contact moments resulting in 2,000 referrals to our esteemed partners.

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