This page is about sustainable practices and contains information about the government's involvement with climate and energy.


Duurzaamheid is the Dutch word for sustainability, and its definition can be boiled down to causing as little damage to the environment and therefore being able to continue for a long time. 

For instance, what are the subsidies and loans offered to residents, entrepreneurs and companies from a municipal, provincial, and or national level. 

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Environmental Subsidies

Are you planning to install triple glass or solar panels? Check out the environmental subsidies and loans offered by the provincial and national governments, as well as your respective municipality. 

Loans & Subsidies
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Start Small

If you’re looking to live a more sustainable life, you’ll be happy to hear that you can start small.

For instance, you could decide to be more conscious of the groceries you buy. To choose to repair instead of buying a new product. Or, to opt for a secondhand bike over a brand-new one. Check out some of the options below!

Grocery bags

Recycling and Repair

An important part of sustainability is to reutilize products and limit the ways production could harm us and the world - for instance, air, water, and plastic pollution.

Besides recycling, you can also decide to repair electronics or furniture, clothing, and bikes at one of the region's Repair Cafes. 


Repair Cafes

Energy Helpdesk LSM

''Leids Steunloket Migranten'' (LSM) is a multicultural, humanitarian, and social organisation that answers questions on legislation on immigration, medical support, but also social subjects – like sustainability. One of their projects is the Energy Helpdesk, in which you can walk in or make an appointment to talk about your concerns about energy usage. 

LSM is a non-profit and offers free services and advice in various languages – such as, Dutch, English, and Arabic.

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Local Markets - Buying locally reduces our carbon footprint, because the food doesn't have to travel as far to land on our plates. Check the different local options, below.

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