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Although Albert Heijn, Jumbo, and Lidl are amongst the more common supermarkets found in the Netherlands, there are a number of other specialised supermarkets that offer products you might not be able to find otherwise. For instance, Ekoplaza is an organic store that stocks numerous health foods and beauty products. Ekoplaza is also a good option for those with dietary preferences and/or intolerances, providing a range of gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, and nut-free alternatives. 

Amazing Oriental is another excellent option if you are looking for ingredients that may be hard to come by in the Netherlands. With stores throughout the Netherlands, Amazing Oriental offers a selection of foods frequently used in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Fruits and vegetables

Vintage & Second-hand Stores

Although they may not be as ubiquitous to the Netherlands as they are in some other countries, there are nevertheless a wide variety of different vintage stores and charity shops to be found throughout the Netherlands. Many of these stores focus on accessories, smaller household items, and clothing, but there are some that have sections devoted to furniture as well - so you may be able to finally get your hands on some unique items to make your new place feel like home. Some vintage stores will also do 'kilo sales', which allows you to browse their clothing items and buy based on the weight of the clothes as opposed to based on individual pieces, and these sales can be the perfect opportunity to spruce up your wardrobe and be environmentally friendly in the process. Another cost savvy and sustainable way to purchase or sell unwanted items is to use Marktplaats.

Weekly Markets

In addition to the supermarkets, most cities and towns have their own regular weekly markets. In the Leiden region, there are weekly markets in which you can buy locally grown produce and many handmade or vintage items from the vendors. These markets are not only an excellent chance to get to know your new municipality, but they also offer you the opportunity to support local business owners and farmers.

Some Leiden region weekly markets include

Other Essential Shops

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