Below, you will find an overview of different subsidies and loans for residents, employers, and companies.

Environmental Subsidies

Environmental subsidies and loans are offered for different purposes or purchases and can come from a national, provincial, and municipal level. Let's start at the national level. 

Hofvijver in the Hague

Dutch Government

The Dutch government finds climate change one of the most challenging problems of our generation. Therefore, it aims for a strong and sustainable economy to secure a future that is circular, climate neutral, and free of fossil fuels.

Central Government

Province South Holland

Municipality Leiden

Leiden is working on becoming a sustainable city. To do so, the municipality offers subsidies and loans and supports projects to stimulate sustainability.

In addition, it wishes to uphold national and international agreements, like the National Energy Agreement and UN Paris Climate Agreement





Entrepreneurs & Businesses

If you have your own business and wish to learn more about the environment and energy in the Netherlands, visit the Rijksoverheid website for government information for entrepreneurs. 

Environment and Energy Subsidies
Hofvijver in The Hague

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