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Gas and Electricity:  

In the Netherlands, residents can choose to have their gas and electricity provided by a single supplier or they can choose a separate supplier for each utility.
You can use a comparison site to find the best price for your household, such as (in English),, (in English) or (in English).

Here are some prominent gas and electricity suppliers in the Netherlands:

Gas and Electricity Suppliers in the Netherlands

Mobile Phone Providers in the Netherlands


There are numerous benefits to swapping out your old SIM card for a Dutch one, with many delivery services, appointments, and other areas of daily life often requiring you to have a Dutch phone number. However, once you decide to make the change, there are several important choices still left to make - ranging from what kind of phone contract you would like to have to which provider you wish to use. Our partner, DutchReview, has written an in-depth guide to phone contracts and providers to answer the questions you may have about both.

Below, you can find an overview of several mobile phone providers in the Netherlands.

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