Leiden Embraces UEFA Euro 2024: Where to Watch and Celebrate

| Leiden International Centre

The 2024 UEFA European Football Championship (UEFA Euro 2024), currently taking place in Germany, is in full in swing, with the group pre stage games complete and the knockout stage featuring the last 16 teams now underway. The tournament continues until the 14th of July, providing a thrilling summer activity for football fans. After a challenging match against Austria (3 – 2), the Dutch team, despite ending third in their group, has secured a spot in the knockout stage, aiming to progress to the quarterfinals. In Leiden, excitement fills the air as fans gather at local pubs to watch the games and support their favorite national teams.  

Leiden’s Football Fever 

The vibrant city of Leiden is buzzing with football fever. Streets and houses are decked out in the Dutch national color, orange, reflecting the community’s enthusiastic support for their team. This vibrant display isn’t limited to football; the orange fever spreads across other international events. Dutch fans further amplify their support by gathering in fan zones across Germany, all dressed in orange, showcasing Netherlands’ passionate national spirit.  

Legendary Dutch Football History  

This year marks the 11th appearance of the Dutch national team in the UEFA European Championship tournaments. Dutch football has a rich history marked by legendary players like Johan Cruijff, Marco van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp, and Robin van Persie, who have all gained international fame. The Dutch men’s team has enjoyed significant success, winning the European Championship in 1988 and reaching the World Cup finals in 1974, 1978, and 2010, with Wim Rijsbergen, a former footballer born in Leiden, being part of the Dutch team during their second-places finishes in the World Cup in 1974 and 1978. Despite never clinching the World Cup title, the Netherlands holds a unique record of reaching the finals three times without a victory.   

Best Spots to Watch the Euros 2024 in Leiden  

For those looking to join the Euro 2024 festivities, Leiden offers numerous bars and pubs where you can watch the upcoming games. Here are some top spots to enjoy the matches:  

  • Bar Olaf: Enjoy the games with delicious cocktails, tasty bites and of course, refreshing beers. 

  • Stadscafe Van der Werff: Enjoy the vibrant athmosphere at Stadscafe Van der Werff, making it a perfect spot to watch the 2024 UEFA Euro matches. 

  • De Kroeg: Offering a friendly athmosphere and good selection beverages, it's a popular spot for watching sports. 

  • The Duke of Oz: Located in the heart of Leiden, this Australian pub is perfect for football fans with its multiple big screens and lively atmosphere.  

  • The North End: This charming English pub is another fantastic option to watch the Euro 2024 matches. With its traditional pub atmosphere, large screens, and selection of British ales, North End provides a cozy and spirited environment for fands to cheer on their teams.  

  • The Stadsbrouwhuis: Known for its extensive beer selection and cozy setting, it’s an excellent venue to watch the matches. 

  • Vi-Kings: This sports, beer, whisky & music bar offers a fantastic viewing experience with its large screens and comfortable seating. It’s a great place to gather with friends and fellow enthusiasts to cheer on your favorite teams. 

Be sure to check the bars' and cafes' websites or social media accounts to see whether they broadcast all matches. 

 Join the Celebration 

Join the celebration in Leiden and be part of the thrilling journey of the Dutch team or your favorite national team in the Euro’s 2024!