Orange Fever: A Deep-Rooted Passion for the Dutch

| Taalthuis

Orange fever is a phenomenon that embodies the passion and pride of the Dutch people, highlighting the deep significance of the colour orange in their national identity. This passion is especially evident during the 2024 European Championship. Taalthuis is here to tell you all about this orange fever.

A Small Country with Big Achievements

Despite its modest size, the Netherlands has excelled in numerous sports, consistently producing world-class athletes who don the iconic orange attire. Whether it’s football, skating, or the uniquely Dutch sport of korfball, Dutch athletes shine on the global stage. Orange fever is palpable at every international event, with the stands transforming into a sea of orange, filled with enthusiastic Dutch supporters.

The Spirit of Orange

The national football team is synonymous with their vibrant orange kits, and their fans match this energy by adorning themselves in orange clothing, waving orange flags, and painting their faces with the colours of the Dutch flag—red, white, blue, and, of course, orange. This feverish support creates a festive atmosphere throughout the country, with houses, cars, streets, and shops all decked out in bright hues.

Historical Significance

The national colour, orange, traces back to William of Orange, who led the Dutch War of Independence against Spain in the sixteenth century. The Dutch royal family is still known as “the Oranges,” reinforcing this deep-rooted connection to the colour.

Celebrating Football Legends

Dutch football has a storied history with legendary players like Johan Cruijff, Marco van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp, and Robin van Persie gaining international fame. The Dutch men’s team has had significant successes, including winning the European Championship in 1988 and reaching the World Cup finals in 1974, 1978, and 2010. Despite never winning the World Cup, no other country has reached the finals as many times without a victory. Will Memphis Depay become a new legendary player?

As the 2024 European Championship approaches, the Netherlands is ready to embrace orange fever once again, rallying behind their teams with unmatched enthusiasm and spirit. If you want to fully experience this vibrant culture, Taalthuis offers an excellent opportunity to learn Dutch. Go Holland, go! Or as the Dutch say: “Hup Holland Hup!”