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Leiden University

Leiden University was founded in 1575 and is one of Europe’s leading international research universities. In 2022, it was ranked by Times Higher Education as number 71 in the world, out of more than 1,600 universities that were included in the rankings. It has seven faculties in the arts, sciences and social sciences, spread over locations in Leiden and The Hague. The University has over 6,500 staff members and 26,900 students. A special team at the Service Centre International Staff (SCIS) will be your guide throughout the whole process of your move to and stay in the Netherlands.

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Webster University

Flexibility is vital for expats who are constantly on the move. Online classes and campuses in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa make studying for expats easier. Students at Webster are international, from over 50+ nationalities or the Netherlands. Webster University offers English-taught  Bachelor's Programs and Master's programmes. 

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Hogeschool Leiden

The Leiden University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool) offers Bachelor´s and Master´s programmes, minors and courses for post-graduates. The University provides healthcare, social work, economics, technology, and education courses. The Hogeschool contains five faculties and offers English-taught minors.

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