Besides tulips, cheese, and clogs, the Netherlands also has ''de molen'' (mill) as one of its national symbols. Why?

De molen

When people say the Netherlands, people often think: windmills. That is because of their great significance to the Netherlands throughout its history. 

Windmills were important for the Netherlands because they were continuously used to drain water in order to keep the land dry. But they were also widely used for grinding grains and spices.

Additionally, sawmills were also significant for building wooden ships on an industrial level.

Gilde Leiden Stadswandelingen

The National Windmill Days

On May 11th and 12th, the National Windmill Days take place and that means that many windmills open their doors to the public. In Leiden, for example, you can visit Molen de Valk and Molen de Put, but also in Leiderdorp, various millers will participate in the Windmill Days. 

Leiden windmill and bridge

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