Commuting with a motorcycle in the Netherlands is highly popular

Requirements and Driving Guidelines 

In the Netherlands, a ‘scooter’ and a ‘moped’ are the same when it comes to vehicle category, driving rules and ownership requirements. Scooters with a maximum speed of 25kph can be driven on bicycle paths and dedicated bike lanes. However, scooters with a maximum speed of 45kph must be driven in the street, not along bicycle paths or dedicated bike lanes. 

In order to ride a motorcycle up to 125cc one must be at least 18 years old. To ride a scooter or moped the minimum legal age is 16 years old. 


Beginning 01 January 2023, ALL scooter drivers throughout the Netherlands will be required to wear helmets. 

License Requirements and Registration

A driver who has a Dutch license (or international equivalent) to operate a motorcycle (class A), car (class B), truck (class C) or bus (class D) is automatically allowed to drive a scooter and does not need an additional license. 

Owning and operating a scooter in the Netherlands requires it to be registered with the Dutch department of motor vehicles (RDW) and to be insured for third-party liability with a Dutch insurer. Read more about the registration process on the RDW website. 

Mopeds on the street.

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