Importing an EU Car

If you are importing a car into the Netherlands from another EU country, then you do not need to make a Customs declaration or pay for any importation fees. However, you need to make an appointment with the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) for an assesment. 

It is important to note that if you are already registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP), you are not allowed to drive on Dutch roads with a car that has a foreign registration (license) plate which is registered under your name. In order to bring your car to the RDW assessment, you will need to either: a) request a short-term car and motorcycle, and a motor vehicle, tax exemption (which lasts for 2 weeks); b) apply to RDW for a one-day exemption; or c) hire a trailer to transport your car to the assessment.

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Importing a Car from Outside the EU

If you wish to import a car from outside the EU, the overall procedure for importation outlined above will remain similar. However, you may need to take a few additional steps. For instance, it is important to consider whether your vehicle's lights, noise levels, and mirrors all meet the European standards in order to ensure that your car will not be rejected for importation. 

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