The most up-to-date information on COVID-19 measures and vaccinations in the Netherlands can be found on the government's website.

Vaccination certificates are a form of Digital COVID-19 Certificates (DCC). The proof of vaccination is recorded in an app, which generates a QR code that can be presented for events and travel. Currently, vaccination certificates are not required to enter public venues. 

Below, you can find detailed information on how to get a valid vaccination certificate if you were vaccinated in the Netherlands, and what to do if you were vaccinated in another country (either within the EU or outside). It is also possible to receive a valid vaccination certificate if your first jab was received abroad and second jab at the municipal health service (GGD).

If you are not yet fully vaccinated, or are in the process of getting your vaccination outside of the Netherlands certified, check the Digital COVID-19 Certificates page. You may find this an easier or faster option to get a valid certificate (QR code).


Vaccination Certificates for Vaccine if 1st Jab Received Abroad and 2nd Jab Received at GGD 

If you received your 1st corona jab abroad and your 2nd jab at the GGD in the Netherlands then you can now collect your data and request a vaccination certificate QR code via the CoronaCheck app. Please note, this only applies if you indicated in advance to the GGD that your first vaccination was received abroad.

If you received your first dose of vaccination in another EU or a non-EU country

If you received your first dose in another EU country, you can get your second dose in the Netherlands if you live in the Netherlands or are a Dutch national by filling in a form ( You should indicate that you had your first dose abroad. You can upload your proof of vaccination to obtain a COVID Certificate via CoronaCheck after your second dose.


After receiving a vaccination in the Dutch national vaccination programme, you can download the CoronaCheck app (via the Google Play Store for Android phones with Android 6 and up software and the Apple App store for Apple phones with iOS12 and up). See their website for more details regarding the app.

CoronaCheck App

For now, only those with a DigiD (digital identification) can use the CoronaCheck app. If you do not yet have a DigiD (which is useful for accessing many government services) you can apply for one through the following links:

Regular citizens (registered with a municipality in the Netherlands)

Privileged persons registered with the Protocol and Host Country Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

 - EEA/EU-nationals not registered with a municipality can register for a DigiD online. After registration, they need to pick up an activation code at a DigiD service desk
- Non EEA/EU-nationals must first register with a municipality and may afterwards apply for a DigiD via the regular procedure.

Vaccination Certificates for Vaccines Received Outside of the Netherlands

Option A: Vaccinations administered by competent authorities in another EU member state

If you have been vaccinated as an EU citizen within the European Union, you are entitled to a DCC from the country in which you were vaccinated. The QR code generated by these apps (e.g.TousAntiCovid) are equivalent to those in the Dutch CoronaCheck app.

Option B: Vaccinations administered in a non-EU country

If you live in the Netherlands and have been vaccinated with an approved vaccine in a non-EU country and are able to demonstrate a certified vaccination certificate from your vaccination provider, you can obtain an EU vaccination certificate in the Netherlands. To get your non-EU vaccine certificate approvied, call +31 30 800 2899 and make an in-person appointment in either Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht or Groningen.

You will be sent the exact address with your appointment confirmation. You will need to take the following documents to your appointment:

  • identity document: the details on the identity document must match the ones on your proof of vaccination, and/or
  • a document bearing your citizen service number (BSN): only if your BSN is not on your identity document, and
  • if you do not have a BSN, you must show proof that you are a Dutch national or that you live in the Netherlands. For instance, an employer’s declaration or a declaration of enrolment from your educational institution, and
  • proof of vaccination issued in the country where you were vaccinated that meets the requirements for proof of vaccination.

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