Travel requirements are frequently changing. Visit the Dutch government's travel information site for the most up to date travel information, including what you need to arrange before arriving in the Netherlands.

Travelling Abroad

If you are travelling outside of the Netherlands, it is important to prepare well. Always make sure to check the Dutch government's travel advice for your destination.

Digital Covid Certificates (DCC)

To facilitate safe free movement of citizens within the EU, all EU Member States have agreed on a system of Digital Covid Certificates. This is digital proof that a person has either:

  • been vaccinated against COVID-19
  • received a negative test result
  • recovered from COVID-19

If you have been fully vaccinated (in the Netherlands or abroad) check our vaccination certificate page. Otherwise, check our Digital Covid Certificates page to find an alternative way to get a DCC.


Entry ban and high risk countries

An EU entry ban is in effect for people travelling from non-EU countries with a high COVID-19 risk, unless the purpose of their trip falls under one of the exemption categories.

If you have been fully vaccinated and meet the conditions you can travel to the Netherlands. The categories of exemptions are updated regularly. Visit the government's website for an updated list. 

There are no rules for entering the Netherlands if you live in an EU/Schengen-area country or live in a country participating in the EU travel rules scheme.


Negative test results

See our Test and Vaccinations page for more info about testing options in the Leiden region. If you decide to travel to the Netherlands, keep in mind that you have to provide a negative NAAT (PCR) test result before departure, unless you are coming from a country that is listed by the EU or if you are a diplomat or lorry driver.

If you travel by aircraft or ship, you are asked to provide a negative rapid test result next to the NAAT (PCR) test result. This is not necessary if you can provide a negative NAAT (PCR) result, based on a sample collected no more than 24 hours before boarding. See this website if you want to check locations in your country of departure to get both a NAAT and rapid test. 


For more information on what to keep in mind when you travel to the Netherlands, visit the government's website

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