Please bring these documents to your registration appointment at the Leiden International Centre

All persons registering (including children) must attend the appointment.

Mandatory Documents:

  • Valid proof of identity: passport or EU ID-card. A driving licence is not sufficient.  
  • Valid full birth certificate.*  
  • If you already have employment, bring a letter or document of your job appointment. It must include the company's name and your function within the company.  
  • In the case you already have accommodation, bring proof of address (lease agreement, declaration of the owner of the address, or a purchase contract). You cannot register at an address if your lease agreement/ housing contract has not yet started (if the start date is after the date of your appointment). If your address is not in the municipality of Leiden, Leiderdorp, Voorschoten or Zoeterwoude you cannot receive a BSN with an LIC registration appointment.
  • If you do not have a home address yet, you may be able to register at your employer's address. Your employer's address must be in the municipality of Leiden, Leiderdorp, Voorschoten or Zoeterwoude.

Note: if you start working at a company located in Oegstgeest after 1 January 2023, we can no longer register you in an Leiden International Centre BSN appointment​. You must do so at the municipality of Oegstgeest

Also mandatory in specific cases:  

  • You are not an EU citizen: bring your Residence permit (visa or permit). If you have not yet collected your permit, it is possible to bring a letter from the IND confirming your successful application instead.
  • You are married or divorced: bring a recently issued original marriage or divorce certificate.*  
  • You are a Privileged Person: bring your Privileged person's identity (MFA) card.*  
  • If you have an Orientation Year (zoekjaar) Permit granted by the IND, please bring it with you.

* Make sure the documents are in the correct language and are legalised/apostilled. Some countries (including all EU member states) are exempt from this rule. Please check this page from the government's website for more information.

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