Real Simple Tranquility

| Rooted in Calm

Infuse the month of January with all things steeped in vintage European calm, take time for yourself and your loved ones.

Echt Simpel Beschaulich. Wait, what does that even mean? Echt Simpel is Dutch for real simple, and the German word Beschaulich translates to quiet or tranquil. Trust me, I’m going somewhere with this.

Real Simple Tranquility

The Danish have something similar referred to as Hygge, the Dutch already have Niksen, the Swedish have Lagom and if you follow the links none of these concepts are new, in fact, a google indicated that these concepts are no longer even on-trend. Yet, as the person that brought you "Forgiveness is the new black this season" l thought it would be wise to rebrand the concepts as Vintage European Calm; timeless, simple, sustainable, and accessible. 

Infuse the month of January with all things steeped in vintage European calm. Drink tea in the afternoons, go for long wet walks, indulge in some D-I-Y projects, and create a feel-good playlist. Let your pace be slow and restorative, 2021 was a challenging year which so many of us ended with our internal battery light flashing red. Think about January like a warm blanket that you can tuck yourself into, without the stress of the holidays. Light some candles, even if that means doing so at 16:30 these days, cooking delicious meals, and devouring books of all sorts (maybe even peruse one of the many mini-libraries that dot the streets of Leiden).

Starting work at sun up, and finishing at sundown is the perfect practice this time of year, do not pack your agenda so full that you cannot step away (even for a few minutes) if the sun comes out to play. Take time for time for coffee with friends and most important take time for yourself. Unwind, reflect, build your resilience by creating a period of winter rest this month.

Be your own light that burns bright in 2022.

Allyson Kukel is the founder of Rooted in Calm, helping her clients cultivate balance in their life, providing support and confidence to live purposefully, in accordance with their values goals, and desires.