Life Sciences & Health Week

| Leiden Bio Science Park

About Life Sciences & Health Week 

The Life Sciences & Health week is centred around celebrating past and future medical breakthroughs. It's an event that aims to connect companies, researchers, medical professionals, and others, in the pursuit of knowledge.  


The Life Sciences & Health (LSH) week will take place from 22 to 29 June 2023 at and around the Leiden Bio Science Park.

The Leiden Bio Science Park Foundation and Leiden&Partners invite you to actively participate in this LSH week by giving an insight into the LSH developments of your organization. This can be done by organizing activities for your target group(s) during this week.

This second edition of the LSH week kicks off with the 25th anniversary of the Bio Science Park Entrepreneurs Association (OVBSP) on 22 June and concludes with the first RegMed XB Annual conference on 28 and 29 June at Corpus.

If you have ideas on how your organization can participate or if you already have activities planned this week, please let us know at We will then contact you to discuss how we can further draw attention to these activities together, for instance on, and