10 Minutes from Leiden Central Station

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There is plenty to do in just a 10-minute walk from Leiden Central Station. Museums, entertainment venues, catering, boat trips and much more! Read on for all the tips.

1. Start your visit at the Tourist Information (VVV) Leiden

Curious about what Leiden has to offer? Ask all your questions about the city at VVV Leiden! Whether it concerns ideas for trips, a map, boat rental, or catering tips, the tourist office will help you on your way. You've also come to the right place for Leiden souvenirs and walking routes.

2. Discover the wonders of nature at Naturalis

Young and old immerse themselves in the wonders of nature in the Naturalis Museum. Go on a journey of discovery in nine exhibition halls full of the most beautiful animals and plants. Step into a time capsule and experience prehistoric times in the Dino Age Hall. The T.rex Trix is also there!

3. Taste surprising dishes at LAB071

The restaurant LAB071 is located in the former laboratory of Leiden University and is the living room of the Leiden Bio Science Park. This history is reflected in the design, but there is also a lot of experimentation in the kitchen, especially with vegetables. LAB071 is open seven days a week for lunch, drinks, and dinner.

4. Be amazed at the Leidse Schouwburg

You can admire the most beautiful theater performances, concerts, and dance performances in the Leidse Schouwburg, the oldest theater in the Netherlands. Whether you are a theater lover, want a night out with friends or family, or simply want to enjoy the magic of live performances, the Leidse Schouwburg offers something for everyone.

5. Go on an adventure at EscapeRoom 071

Do you fancy an adventurous trip? Then you've come to the right place at Escaperoom 071! There are regular escape rooms (Einstein, Psycho & Goeie Mie), but also three outdoor escape games (Magic Portal, Operation Mindfall & BlackOut) for the outdoor enthusiast. In addition, there are two VR escape games and a new escape team game called The Elimination Game.

6. Catch a movie at the Lido Cinema

With its charming retro look and cozy atmosphere, the Lido Cinema is a popular place to enjoy the latest films on the big screen. The cinema has several halls and comfortable seats. Whether you like action, drama, comedy, or science fiction, you are guaranteed to find a film that suits your taste.

7. Explore the city from the water with Bootjes en Broodjes

Leiden has 28 km of canals, so explore the city from the water! Bootjes en Broodjes offers all the options for a day on the water. Rent an electric sloop yourself or take a boat tour. Finish the cruise with a tasty snack and a drink on board.

8. Treat yourself to something tasty at De Bruine Boon

Visit Café De Bruine Boon for a cup of coffee and a delicious piece of cake. This attractive café-restaurant is known for its homemade apple pie. It is said to be the tastiest in Leiden. Taste it yourself! You can also go there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

9. Learn more about different cultures in the Wereldmuseum

Did you know that Wereldmuseum Leiden is one of the oldest ethnological museums in the world? Here, you will learn all about different cultures and peoples. Find out how people around the world lived in the past and present and how they were shaped by their culture. There is a varying range of exhibitions and activities.

10. Throw your hands in the air at Nobel

De Nobel is a music venue located in a former textile factory on the Marktsteeg. Enjoy music performances in various genres here, from rock and indie to electronic music, hip-hop, and metal! Complete your day out in Leiden with a swinging concert or dance evening.