On this page, we provide you with the most updated information about the conflict in Ukraine, what municipalities do to help, and how you can help those affected.

You can also find information on the changing rules and regulations for Ukrainians who want to work in the Netherlands, what initiatives are set up in the Leiden region to help, and what help our partners offer. 

Innovation Quarter hosted two webinars to help displaced Ukrainians learn about the Dutch job-market and how to search for positions based on their skill sets. The links to the webinars can be found on their website

Help from Municipalities - Check your local municipality page for what support they are providing and how you can help

Helplines for Ukrainians

For urgent help, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly at any time at +31 247 247 247.

On refugeehelp.com you can find more information on how the Netherlands can help you (in English, Dutch, Russian and Ukrainian).

Many answers to questions can be found on the website of the Council for Refugees or on the website of the UNHCR.

The Red Cross has a WhatsApp helpline for Ukrainians that arrive in the Netherlands. Record a message in either Ukrainian or English and you will get a response in that language. The number is +31 6 48158053.

Municipalities also have dedicated help teams - see above. You can also contact our help desk at info@leideninternationalcentre.nl

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For the most up-to-date information, see the government's website.

Gemeente Leiden's website also has information for Ukrainians in Dutch, Ukrainian and English. There is a shelter for refugees open at Schipholweg 68 near Leiden Centraal. 

Right to remain in the EU

The EU has agreed to push the extension of the Temporary Protective Directive as of 2023, which entitles Ukrainians to the right to have accommodation, medical care, employment, and education within the EU. The latest extension will expire on 4 March, 2025. For more information, please refer to the website of the Dutch Government.

Registration and Asylum Procedure

Refugees from Ukraine need to register with their local municipality (see municpality websites above for more information). The Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst (IND) will be automatically notified.
Later refugees will need to apply for asylum with the IND. The IND will provide a document to prove temporary protection and will not decide on the asylum for as long as the EU temporary protection scheme runs (up to 3 years). There is a transition period until the residence status can be proven with the residence document.
Non-documented third country nationals will need further assessment and would need to apply for asylum in Ter Apel if they cannot prove their legal residence in Ukraine.

Visas for Ukrainians in the Netherlands

Ukrainian nationals who were already in the Netherlands on short-stay visas can extend their stay by 90 days. The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) is taking the current situation in Ukraine into account and is flexible regarding pending visa, residence permit or asylum decisions. Ukrainian nationals that have previously been rejected asylum in the Netherlands will not be obliged to return to Ukraine. 
For the most up-to-date information on how to apply for visa extensions and the Dutch government’s actions regarding Ukrainian nationals in the Netherlands please visit the IND’s website.

Working in the Netherlands

From 1st April 2022 Ukrainian nationals do not need a work permit to work in the Netherlands. A BSN is needed and salary must be paid into a bank account. Employers need to notify the UWV 2 days before the work starts. Non-Ukrainian nationals are not entitled to work yet under temporary protection, but need to wait for new regulations or apply for a regular work permit. Currently, Ukrainian refugees cannot work as a self-employed person (ZZP).

There are several organisations working on finding Ukrainians employment in the Netherlands. Leiden International Centre will share updates from these initiatives (check our News and Events pages). 

Subsistence Allowances for Ukrainian Refugees

Adults and children can receive €205 for food and €55 for clothing and other personal items. Refugees get their subsistence allowance from the municipality where they are registered. They receive the money in their bank account, on a money card, in cash or in goods.

Sports and Culture Tips for Ukrainian Refugees

Ukrainian refugees can now find tips for sports and cultural activities in the Netherlands on this online platform. Connect Ukraine offers information about this initative and shows all participating municipalities. The website was set up by the Dutch organisation Culture & Sportstimulation (CSN). Figures from the Ministry of Justice and Security show that almost 56,000 refugees from Ukraine are now registered with a Dutch municipality. 

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