The Leiden International Centre (LIC) intends to expand its services for internationals in the Leiden region by means of a partnership programme. The Leiden International Centre offers services pertaining to each phase of expat life: coming to, settling in, living in and leaving. Our services contribute to simplifying and improving life and working conditions for internationals in the region.

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Target Audience

The target group of the Leiden International Centre consists of internationals and expats in the region. We distinguish the following groups: highly skilled migrants, intra corporate transferees, scientific researchers, entrepreneurs, recent graduates, and EU citizens who fall under these categories. Our services are available for these groups and their families. Another significant target group are the companies that employ internationals.

Reaching employers and international employees

The employer is an important, reliable contact for the international. Therefore, the Leiden International Centre attaches great value to building and maintaining solid relationships with organisations and companies with international employees. Through the employers, the LIC can reach expats and internationals in the region who require our assistance.

The Leiden International Centre has a rapidly expanding database of organisations and contacts who wish to be provided with relevant information about integrating in the region as successfully as possible. In doing so, the LIC supports companies as well as employees.

The Leiden International Centre Partnership Programme provides a solid network of organisations from various disciplines. LIC Partners are active in the fields of insurance, banking, consultancy, (language) education, recreation and media. With its Partners, the Leiden International Centre offers a reliable network of service providers to internationals and expats in the region.

Partnership Benefits:

Partners of the Leiden International Centre enjoy a number of major benefits. We enable our Partners to communicate directly with a broad international group of expats and companies, allowing them to gather a multitude of information about the wishes, needs and current situation of this group in the region. The Leiden International Centre network is extensive and expanding rapidly. Entering into the Leiden International Centre Partnership Programme will contribute to the scope and quality of the information available for the target group, and will establish a strong(er) connection between the Partners. Together, we will continue building a database in order to share information and knowledge.

In addition, the Partners constitute a significant and reliable source of information for the LIC. A Partnership with the LICwill also enable Partners to bring their brand to the attention of the target group, and to reinforce their position. Together, we will communicate with international organisations and expats in a suitable manner and tone of voice. With a varied mix of communication means such as the website, social media, Press & PR and Welcome packages, the LIC will ensure that the message is delivered.

LIC Partners also benefit from the exposure and advertising advantages pertaining to the Partnership Programme. The LIC offers four different partner package options in 2022.

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