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Leiden International Centre 2024 Partnership Programme

Leiden International Centre (formerly Expat Centre Leiden) is a business unit of Leiden&Partners. We work with businesses in the Leiden region exclusively through our Partnership Programme.

Leiden International Centre is a non-profit organisation which offers services for each phase of expat life: coming to, settling in, living in and leaving. Our services contribute to simplifying and improving life for internationals in the region. We also offer support for businesses who employ internationals.

By joining our Partnership Programme, your business will be connected with the growing international community in the Leiden area. We will refer to you as a “Partner” in virtue of the close relationship established. Shared benefits and support for each other is at the core of our collaboration.

Advantages of joining the Partnership Programme

Leiden International Centre is the first point of contact for many internationals moving to Leiden, and we support them on every step of their journey. This includes information on our website, informative and social events, newsletters, social media and assistance from our helpdesk. Businesses and HR also get in touch with us to discuss how they can support their international employees and hire new talent.

Whilst LIC provides a comprehensive range of services, we are also reliant on the expertise and of our trusted partners. This is why we consistently refer internationals to our list of partners when they enquire about finding housing, learning Dutch, and other such specialised services. We work as a “bridge” between you and the expats; we make sure that the international community in the Leiden region will know your name, your work and your area of expertise. We have a wide spectrum of communication channels which are used to promote our partners:

  • LIC website
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Corporate Newsletter
  • Corporate Flyer
  • Informative events (by LIC and partners)
  • Welcome bags, including the Newcomer Guide Booklet
  • Flyer distribution at our helpdesk
  • Referring internationals to your company at our helpdesk
  • Referring employers to your company in our consultations with businesses
  • Featured on the Welcome to NL website and app
  • Representation at events for internationals and companies e.g. I Am Expat Fair

Target Audience

The target group of the Leiden International Centre consists of internationals and expats in the region. This includes the following groups: highly skilled migrants, intra corporate transferees, scientific researchers, entrepreneurs, recent graduates, and EU citizens who fall under these categories. Our services are available for these groups and their families.

Another significant target group are the companies that employ internationals. Leiden International Centre has a rapidly expanding database of organisations and contacts (such as HR personenel) who wish to be provided with relevant information about integrating in the region as successfully as possible. In doing so, the LIC supports companies as well as employees.

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