LeidenGlobal is a collaborative effort of academic and cultural institutions, in scholarship and outreach. Each of these institutes in their collections, research and educational programs has an expertise in specific areas of the world.

Through LeidenGlobal, academic and cultural institutions connect with local communities, media, government, business, and NGOs to raise the impact of scholarship across the board, from cultural events and public debate to government policy and education.

In order to reach a broad public and make knowledge more visible LeidenGlobal organises, together with its partners, several events and activities. An example is the photo exhibition ‘Heritage on the Move’, which consists of several photographs submitted by experts from Leiden focussing on their research. They show that people move around the world, sometimes voluntarily and sometimes they have no choice. They take their heritage and culture to other places, where it changes, just like they do. This exhibition itself is displayed all around Leiden.