LKO Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1989, the LKO Symphony Orchestra has grown into a vibrant symphony orchestra with 40 passionate members and is looking to grow with your help!

The LKO is a compact symphony orchestra and consists of musicians for whom music is a 'hobby that got out of hand'. They want to put something beautiful on stage together. The togetherness is certainly as important as the beauty. As long as someone doesn't burst out of the rehearsal room.

At the moment they are open to new members, mainly string players (there is still a place available for an above-average player in the cello). They are also looking for brass players and a timpanist

Interested in playing in the LKO?

Then come along to one of their rehearsals. They rehearse on Tuesday evenings from 18.00 to 22.30 in the auditorium of the school at Vijf Meilaan 137 in Leiden (corner of Cesar Francklaan, near the bridge to Voorschoten) or sign up immediately by mail.


  • Every tuesday from 20:00 to 22:30