Tips for Meeting Other Internationals

One great way to meet other internationals in the Leiden region is to attend Expat Centre Leiden's monthly Meet & Mingle event. This event, on the first Thursday of every month, allows you to get to know others in a casual setting in different locations every time!

Other suggestions for meeting internationals include:

  • Attending events in the Leiden region. You can find the latest international friendly events on our Events page.
  • Getting involved in local sports teams and clubs. Although this is a good way to meet internationals, you can also meet local Dutch people through this which is a wonderful way to learn more about Dutch language and culture. Learn more about sports clubs on our Sports page.
  • Taking part in some hobbies, whether old or new. Find out more on our Hobbies and Activities page.


Want to know where to meet people? Have a look at these pages!