Learn what to do in case of an emergency

The most important number to remember in case of an emergency is 112. This number can be called for free in any serious emergency (to request the police, fire service or an ambulance). They will be able to help you in English.

Police, Ambulance, Fire (Emergency)  — 112  

National Police (non-emergency) — 0900 8844  
Outage Gas, Electricity — 0800 9009  
Sea Rescue / Coast Guard (Kustwacht) — 0900 0111  
Breakdown Service for Cars (ANWB) — 088 2692 888  [This may require a subscription]  

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Sirens of the first Monday of the month

The Waarschuwingsstelsel or The Warning System is tested nationwide on the first Monday of every month at 12.00 noon to make sure it works properly. Do not be alarmed when you hear it.

In the event of an emergency siren at any other time, turn on your television or radio and tune in to a local station for further information.  


NL-Alert for Crisis

Through the NL-Alert system authorities can notify people when there is an emergency in the area and send a text message to their mobile phones. The message describes the emergency and provides information about what to do in the situation. 

All mobile phones will receive this message as long as they have reception and the NL-channel has been activated. You do not need to register or pay for this service. 

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Emergency units in the Leiden region

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