An extra monthly government contribution for low-income families

When you get child benefit, you may also qualify for Child Budget (Kinder-gebonden Budget) from the tax authority (Belastingdienst). Child Budget is an extra monthly government contribution for low-income families. Whether you get Child Budget or not depends on your family income and your assets.  The amount of child benefit (per child) for 2024 includes €279.49 for children age 0-5 years, €339.38 for children 6-11 years, and €399.27 (per quarter) for children 12-17 years. 

Piggy bank and coins

Since eligibility for Child Budget depends on income and assets, it is the tax authority that manages this financial support. SVB’s position is limited to only informing the tax authority about granting Child Benefit. The application route for (additional) Child Budget depends on your personal situation. The common ones are: 

  1. You do not receive any other benefit from the tax authority – like the housing support for low-income earners (known as Huurtoeslag ) – but you receive Child Benefit from SVB.  In that case you turn to the tax authority for applying Child Budget (see below). 
  2. You do receive other benefits from the tax authority. After having been informed about your Child Benefit by SVB, the tax authority will automatically check whether you qualify for Child Budget. No action is needed. In case of problems, please address the tax authority

For older children (16-17) under specific conditions you could apply for Child Budget, even without receiving Child Benefit. 

You can apply for Child Budget via the tax authority’s on-line section “Mijn toeslagen” (My benefits). You will need your DigiD. The “Mijn toeslagen” section is only available in Dutch. If needed, call the Tax Information Line; they can make an appointment for you at a tax office or refer you to a benefits service point. There, they will help you with your application.   

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