Why Open a Dutch Bank Account?

If you are moving to the Netherlands from a country that uses a currency other than the euro, it may seem to be a straightforward decision to set up a Dutch bank account. However, if you are moving from a country that uses the euro, then it may not seem to be as pressing. Yet, having a Dutch bank account means that you will have a far easier time paying for daily essentials, managing phone bills, rental payments, and more. Many online websites make use of iDeal (a Dutch online payment system). Some websites will only use iDeal, so having a Dutch bank account is necessary for certain purchases.

What is iDeal?
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Which Bank Should I Choose?

Once you've decided to open up a Dutch bank account, you will have to decide which bank to set it up with. There are numerous banks in the Netherlands to choose from, with popular ones including Rabobank, ING, and ABN Amro. Some details to consider when making your choice are whether the bank offers mobile banking in English, whether they use card readers (some banks require you to confirm each online transaction with a portable card reader), and whether they have a local branch in an area near you. 

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