Work Mode On

| Rooted in Calm

As the sun starts to set a little earlier each day we are reminded that summer is quickly coming to an end. We hope that you have taken the time to relax, disconnect from technology and reconnect with your family and friends. 

As we slide out of summer mode and switch into work mode I wanted to share 3 tips to help make this transition as smooth as possible: 

1. Routines are helpful to find what best suits your lifestyle dynamic for autumn and slowly ease into it. 

2. Everything may have piled up over the summer: emails, laundry, to-do lists… sit down and prioritize your list(s). 

3. Build in time for yourself. 

Routines are essential to mornings getting off to a good start and not forgetting essential daily items. It is helpful as the seasons change to revisit morning and evening routines and see whether they need to evolve with your changing lifestyle. 

Everyone in your household (besides the cat) has things that are the top priority for them, sitting down together to discuss these lists can help build cohesion instead of animosity in your family unit. 

As you take time to craft a harmonized morning routine and a to-do list that makes sure the essentials are taken care of before returning to work or school make sure you also build in time for yourself. Be diligent in making space in your agenda for yourself, you might do that by saying no to something else or yes to an hour for a coffee with a friend. We so often say yes, that even though we never uttered the word no, there simply is not room in our agenda for us. 

This article was brought to you by Allyson Kukel founder of Rooted in Calm.  Allyson knows how to help her clients find time for themselves in their busy calendars. She supports her clients with lifestyle shifts by helping them to create new habits and ways of thinking to reduce stress and create calm in the chaos of daily life.  

Meet Allyson in October when she helps Leiden Expats get started creating calm amongst their daily international chaos