Work and residence permit regulations Ukrainian refugees

| LIMES International

On 4 March 2022 the Temporary Protection Directive was adopted by the EU. The Directive will initially be valid for 1 year and can be extended with two 6-month periods. Exceptionally another 1-year extension can be granted. EU member states are currently working on the initial implementation. The Netherlands is currently implementing policy for Ukrainian nationals to, among others:

  • Travel to/stay in the Netherlands based on a Ukrainian passport (without entry visa, MVV). We note that Ukrainian nationals can already travel to the Netherlands for long term stay without an MVV since 24 February 2022.
  • Obtain a BSN through the local municipal authorities.
  • Work in the Netherlands after a notification has been submitted. The notification policy still has to be published. Therefore, working is currently only allowed based on a valid (work) permit, but as soon as the policy enters into force a work permit will not be required until further notice. The authorities are targeting to make this effective as per 1 April 2022.

People with another non-EU nationality who used to legally reside in Ukraine may, under certain circumstances, rely on the Temporary Protection Directive as well, but the conditions will be more stringent.

Ukrainian nationals who already used to live and work in the Netherlands as e.g. a highly skilled migrant do not require any additional type of registration and may apply for renewal of their current permit, if applicable.