Wellbeing Orientated Resilient Know-How

| Rooted in Calm

How are your employees impacted by their hybrid work environment? Rooted in Calm explains.

It is fair to say that the way we work is dramatically changing. The new way does not include corporate headquarters, in-house canteens, talks around the water-cooler, lunchtime fitness classes. We're entering a new phase - a hybrid between office work and working from home… this phase comes with challenges AND opportunities.

We know the challenges. Employees are more likely to feel overwhelmed, isolated, and stressed, all of which impact general health - from an increased risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity to an increased frequency of burn-out. Even before things get serious, this means lower productivity, less work satisfaction, more tension between colleagues, and higher health insurance costs. 

But this new way of work also offers an incredible opportunity: to reshape the way we work and create the workforce of the future. You can support your employees to take accountability for their wellness by offering them the help they need to integrate healthy living practices in a way that works for them. After all, a healthier workforce is happier, more productive, and more engaged.

Meet Allyson and Melanie, your workforce wellbeing coaches.

Allyson, the founder of Rooted in Calm, an NLP Master Practitioner, and certified life, motivational, social, and emotional intelligence coach. She has more than twenty years of corporate experience providing consultancy to the aviation sector. She blends her passion for people with engaging businesses to be early adopters in shaping our hybrid work culture.

Melanie, the founder of Dopamine Chef, is an ICF-accredited health and wellness coach with expertise in weight loss, mindful eating, and detox nutrition. After over a decade working in the corporate world, where she witnessed first-hand the damaging effects of stress on health and productivity, she jumped ship. Now she supports clients to transition into wellbeing by letting go of old patterns and finding the foods that love them back.

We have designed a series of wellness workshops to help you and your workforce transition into a new way of working. These workshops focus on re-designing their workweek, enabling them to feel their best and excel in this hybrid work environment. A proactive approach to mental and physical wellbeing is not "nice to have", it is essential to future-proofing your business.

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