Visitors in Leiden must park in parking garages as of 13 June

| Leiden International Centre

From next month, visitors int he city centre of Leiden will no longer have to drive through the canals and streets looking for a parking space. From 13 June, almost all of them will be reserved for permit holders. From now on, visitors within the centre will have to find a place in a parking garage. Short-term parking is still allowed in a few designated spaces on the edges of the centre. 

Traffic alderman Ashley North (GreenLeft) hopes that this approach will reduce traffic in the city centre. At the same time, he expects that it will be easier for city centre residents and other permit holders to find a place to park their car.

The alderman also thinks the new rules are an improvement for people with disabilities. They no longer need to park in special disabled spaces, but can now park in all 2,300 permit holders' parking spots in the city centre. To do so, they must apply for a parking permit. This can be done free of charge. Leiden residents with a disabled parking permit will receive a letter about this. Disabled people living outside Leiden can also apply for a free parking permit for the Leiden city centre and park anywhere.

Short-term parking
Approximately 1,000 short-term parking spaces will be converted to permit holder spaces. In a number of places at the edges of the centre short-stay parking spaces will remain. The maximum parking time here is 2 hours. The locations are at shops where there is no nearby parking garage. They are Langegracht, Levendaal, Waardkerkplein, Kaarsenmakersstraat, Stadsbouwhuis, Tweelinghuis, Morssingelterrein, Doezastraat and Lange Mare. The last two locations have a red-capacity car park; parking permits are not valid here.

Another exception for the permit-holders' spaces is that you can park there as a visitor if you have bought a day ticket.

By Monday 13 June, all parking signs and ticket machines must be adjusted. All permit holders, entrepreneurs and other companies and institutions will also be informed of the changes. These preparations will start in mid-May and continue until mid-June.