Update #2: work and residence permit regulations Ukrainian refugees

| LIMES international

As per 1 April 2022 it is possible to notify the employment of Ukrainian nationals who fall under the Temporary Protection Directive to the Labour Office (UWV). Based on this notification, a work permit is no longer required. 

The employee is authorised to start working, two days after submission of the notification. Until 15 April 2022 a transition period applies. This means that for employees who fall under the Temporary Protection Directive and started working on or after 4 March 2022, a notification can be submitted up to and including 15 April 2022.
The following is required for the notification:

·       confirmation that the employee falls under the Temporary Protection Directive*;

·       a valid employment agreement with a Dutch employer.

*People who fled from Ukraine should receive a document from the IND confirming that they fall under the Temporary Protection Directive. This document will also confirm access to the Dutch labour market.
However, as these documents have yet to be issued, until 30 May 2022 the notification can be made on the basis of, for example, a Ukrainian passport, ID or a certificate from the Ukrainian Embassy confirming identity and nationality.

Please be aware that changes in the situation (e.g. different employment activities, duration of employment) will have to be reported to the UWV as well.

Feel free to reach out if you require further assistance with the notification procedure.