Time to Change Your Health Insurance

| Leiden International Centre

It’s that time of year again: as 2024 approaches it's time to update your health insurance. In the Netherlands, you can change your insurance only once a year, in December. It is not mandatory to change your insurance, as the contract with your current insurer is automatically renewed for the following year. However, there are some reasons to consider changing your provider. We suggest to always do some research and compare your options.

Changes in pricing

First of all, all insurances will increase with an average of €9 in 2024. This is an average calculation, so check your own package as the difference between providers can vary. But don't worry, the eigen risico (‘own risk’) will remain the same, €385. Finally, the zorgtoeslag (healthcare benefit) will be reduced: after the temporary increase in 2023, the allowance will be back to a maximum of €127 per month.

Changes in the basic policy

In addition to the yearly market increase, the government usually makes some changes to the Dutch Basic Health Insurance, which means your policy may be slightly different next year. However, not many changes have been made for 2024. This year’s minor changes are the inclusion in the Basic Health Insurance of exercise therapy for fall prevention, as well as recovery care for long Covid, extended until 2025. In addition, maternity care reimbursement will cover six weeks of maternity care, instead of 10 days only.

These are all changes that affect Dutch Basic Health Insurance, which it’s regulated by the government. However, your provider may have made some alterations to their additional packages, or include extra benefits in the basic insurance, so be sure to check these changes too.

Changes in your life

Changes in your life and health may be another reason to consider switching your health insurance. For example, a change in your need for dental care: do you need complex treatment or are you expecting checkups only? If you already expect to need more treatment, we suggest to include dental care in your insurance (remember that for children it is covered by the Dutch Basic Health Insurance until the age of 18).

Other changes, such as moving to another city, may also change your health insurance needs. Check if the hospitals you expect to visit have a contract with your insurer. And remember: you are allowed to take out additional insurance with a different provider than your standard package.

How and when to change?

If you decide to change your insurance, mark these dates on your calendar: the old insurance must be cancelled by 31 December 2023, while the new one must start before 1 February 2024. Once the new insurance is stipulated, it will retroactively cover your needs from 1 January 2024. To ease the process, insurance providers offer a transfer service and will cancel your previous insurance if you take out a new policy before 31 December. To know more about Dutch health insurance regulations, you can consult the government website.


Our partner in healthcare

Zorg en Zekerheid is your local healthcare insurer, committed to ensuring accessible and affordable healthcare that is always readily available. They provide excellent service and are always happy to assist you with any of your health insurance queries.

Especially for the Leiden International Centre community

For 2024, we have made favourable arrangements with Zorg en Zekerheid, so that you can get a discount on your health insurance. Check out their wide range of insurance policies that you and your family members can benefit from:

  • 10% discount on most supplementary insurances*
  • Generous reimbursements for dental care and physiotherapy under your supplementary insurance
  • A discount of up to €252 a year if you choose a voluntary excess of €500

*Applies to the Zorg Zeker Policy and Zorg Vrij Policy plus the corresponding supplementary insurance plans.

Go to zorgenzekerheid.nl/lic for more information.

Take out health insurance before December 31

It's easy to calculate your premium and take out your health insurance. Zorg en Zekerheid will make all the necessary arrangements and cancel your old insurance with effect from 1 January 2024. You won't have to do anything. If you are already insured with Zorg en Zekerheid, you can switch to the group policy offered by Leiden International Centre: add the group scheme to your insurance in MijnZZ.

Do you have any questions, or do you want more information?
You can find a great deal of information at zorgenzekerheid.nl/customerservice. You are also more than welcome at their insurance store at the Korevaarstraat 2 in Leiden.