The schools are starting again - staying safe in traffic!

| Municipality of Leiderdorp

Every year, more than 5,800 serious traffic casualties occur in the Province of South-Holland. That means 17 people a day do not arrive safely at their destination. Many accidents are caused by human behaviour. At the beginning of the new school year, the risk of getting in an accident is higher than usual. A good and safe bike contributes to traffic safety. Together we can change unsafe behaviour. 

The schools are starting again!

You have probably seen them already, the signs and banners stating "onze scholen zijn weer begonnen". These announce that the new school year is about to begin. This means more traffic and more children cycling independently. Children learn mainly by doing, which is especially true in traffic. Shortly after the summer holidays, the chance of a serious accident for cycling students aged 12 is twice as high as during the rest of the year. We therefore ask you to pay extra attention to your speed and to the other road users. After all, we all like to arrive safely at our destination.

New school route

Want to start fresh and safely after the summer holidays? Practice the new school route with your child. Walk or cycle to school together during the first week of school. Check the bike for problems by using the Veilig Verkeer Nederland Bicycle Check. If you travel by car, pay extra attention to your speed.

School route for first-grade students

The first days at the new school are very exciting for new first-grade students. A new school and new classmates, subjects and teachers. So it is good if they know the new traffic route and can drive safely through traffic, especially because many children have to travel longer distances. These students also usually travel to school on their own or with classmates. Unfortunately, in this age group there is a clear peak in the number of cycling accidents at the beginning of the school year. That is why it is important for these children to be well prepared for the new school route and for the traffic situations they will encounter.

Safe cycling

A safe bicycle is the basis for safe cycling. It is therefore important that the bicycle is in good order! But when is a bicycle safe? What do you have to pay attention to? Check out the bicycle check to see if your bike is safe to use! 


This article was originally written in Dutch. Read it on the website of the Municipality of Leiderdorp