Seeing Stars Leiden; lights out, stars on!

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The lights will go out in Leiden on Sunday 25 September, when we look at the stars together during Seeing Stars Leiden. A project by artist Daan Roosegaarde in collaboration with UNESCO, the municipality of Leiden and many other partners. Leiden is European City of Science 2022. That is why all residents are treated to the starry sky. A clear sky is a precondition for this. The date can therefore still change to a day later or to a month later. You can read all about it at

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Thanks for your cooperation! Together we go for 'Light Out, Stars On'!
The project team of Seeing Stars Leiden

Seeing Stars Leiden is a project of Leiden&Partners in collaboration with

Leiden2022, Studio Roosegaarde, Gemeente Leiden, Citizen Science lab, Sterrewacht Leiden, UNESCO, Leiden Kennisstad, Cultuurfonds Leiden