Safe Transport During COVID

| Taxi Centrale Eltax

Have you considered providing COVID-safe transport for your employees?

The Dutch Government’s advice to stay home as much as possible and avoid using public transport (particularly during peak hours) remains in place. Although private transport is the safest option, this is not always possible, especially for internationals who have recently arrived in the Netherlands.

Here are two situations in which Eltax Taxi can provide safe, reliable and sustainable transport to your employees:

Transport for Commuters

Whilst working from home is the norm, in some cases going to the office is unavoidable - either for a one-off event or as a regular occurence. 

As a company you absolutely do not want to have a corona outbreak among your staff; whilst you have no influence on what employees do in their spare time, you can manage commuting. You can strongly advise employees to use their own cars, or be driven by family members. In all other cases you can avoid the risks of public transport by arranging the transport yourself. With Eltax you can arrange bubble group transport or individual transport. 

By choosing to facilitate safe transport, you may gain a great deal of productivity - some employees will produce many times the amount you spend on transportation. It is worth considering. 

Schiphol Transfers and New Arrivals

Arriving in a new country presents many challenges to your international employees - the first is getting from the airport to their new home. Eltax has many years of experience in providing airport transfers, and has three levels of service to choose from (meeting at arrivals, collection at meeting point, collection outside). You can even choose the only 100% electric taxi in Leiden, and have your employee collected in one of Eltax’s Teslas.

After completing their quarantine, new international arrivals must register themselves with the municipality. For some, this will be their first trip outside since their arrival. You can assist them with this important step by arranging transport for this appointment, ensuring that they make a smooth start to their stay in the Netherlands.