New in Leiden: Dutch Bio Science Week

| Leiden Bio Science Park

During the last week of June, Leiden will be all about health. Dutch Bio Science Week is the new name for Life Sciences and Health Week, first organised in 2022 when Leiden was European City of Science for a year. The new name, with a recognisable link to the Leiden Bio Science Park, marks the start of a professional and strong profiling of Leiden and the Bio Science park, the largest life science & health cluster and park in the Netherlands, as the beating heart of the Dutch Life Sciences and Health ecosystem. At the same time, this fulfils the 'legacy' programme of the European City of Science year.

A healthier future, for everyone Dutch Bio Science Week (DBSW) offers a broad program and becomes the umbrella name under which many existing and new activities with the theme of health and the future of health find a place. In doing so, the week serves a broad target group and brings together talent, start-ups, scale-ups, researchers, investors and the general public. “How nice it is to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Leiden Bio Science Park,” said Esther Peters, Director of the Leiden Bio Science Park. “A lot of people have no idea what happens here. Time to open our doors and showcase the exciting innovations that improve our health and extend our lives. This is partly why we think it is important to invest in this. Leiden can be proud of its Leiden Bio Science Park!”

Open Day Leiden Bio Science Park and more The first Open Day at Leiden Bio Science Park will take place. At several locations within the park, visitors can take a look behind the scenes. A day full of discoveries and suitable for all ages. From interesting tours of laboratories to food labs, hands-on workshops and lectures. There is also plenty to experience in the city of Leiden. For example, the Leiden Healthy Society Center is organizing a Knowledge Festival on Saturday 22 June in the Hooglandse Kerk. Here everyone can discover how to have a healthy, tasty, and long life.

A week with huge impact Dutch Bio Science Week strengthens the positioning of the city and Leiden Bio Science Park and makes science understandable and accessible. “It gives content and meaning to Leidenas a science city,” said Martijn Bulthuis, Director of Leiden&Partners. “With the Dutch Bio Science Week, we not only give something back to the residents of Leiden in the form of a dynamic  programme, but also create something for the future. As the largest player within the Life Sciences and Health sector in the Netherlands, we show what Leiden has to offer. This in turn attracts talent, conferences and companies. Good for the economy and the broad prosperity of Leiden and the region,” Bulthuis said.

Dutch Bio Science Week is a collaboration between Leiden Bio Science Park Foundation, Leiden&Partners, Leiden Healthy Society Center and Leiden Kennisstad. For a full programme overview and more information, visit the website.