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Want to learn something new and meet new people? BplusC has a range of arts and language courses, as well as an international choir for kids and teenagers. Join a free trial lesson throughout September, or drop by at the Open House on September 11th.

Creative Courses

Expats are always very welcome to join creative classes because BplusC's teachers also speak English and many lesson situations easily allow the teacher to communicate with individual students in English. From ceramics to photography or drawing, there is lots to choose from.

See full list of creative courses here (select the category "kunst en beeld in the left menu)

Language Courses

BplusC also has a very diverse menu of language courses at all levels, including Dutch, French, Japanese, and German. Many courses are beginning in September; some of them online and some in a classroom.

See the full list of language courses here (select the categories "volksuniversiteit" and "talen" in the left menu)

International Choir for Children and Teenagers

BplusC will start this season with international choirs for children and teenagers. Apart from a learning path for choral singing it also offers the possiblity to get to know other nationalities, and to get to know others.

Singing songs in your own language and in somebody else's native tongue, and singing together, is a great way to develop young voices and ears, making music together and watching and listening to each other. And it is a great way to start the weekend and wrap up the school week by singing.

There is no previous experience required. You can just start and the teacher will take you along in learning techniques, the language of musical notes and presentation.

The youngest will start in a playful way. With more experience, a whole new world will open up for you. The teenagers will even start giving regular performances.

So do you like singing together and want to join a really nice group? Then come and sing along!

This season BplusC also has new courses for children that that will be taught in a foreign language. For example the first English writing class for children online in the Netherlands.

Visit  to check out the possibilities, or give them a call (0900 23 23 000) and they will be very glad to help you.