Mental Health Help with BrightMind Practice

| Bright Mind Practice

Are your international employees struggling with their mental health during COVID? They're not alone. BrightMind Practice has been supporting many international clients with their psychological and emotional challenges brought about by the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic had brought with it a variety psychological stressors and challenges. Since the start of the pandemic a considerable rise of mental health hardships had been measured globally. More people report an increase in mood disturbances, loneliness, stress and anxiety, sleeping difficulties and more. For many, the reduction of distractions brought with it an increased awareness to internal struggles previously not dealt with. For others, the imposed disconnect from others and the overall uncertainty and financial impact introduced further detractors to psychological well-being.

BrightMind Practice has been assisting an increased amount of clients throughout the pandemic in dealing with those emerging challenges. Situated in the center of Leiden (and soon also in Oegstgeest) BrightMind Practice offers personalized therapy and coaching face-to-face and via Zoom.

For more details please do not hesitate to visit the BrightMind Practice website and get in touch!