Lights Out, Stars on in Leiden on Sunday September 25th

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Roosegaarde amazes with Seeing Stars Leiden in Leiden, European City of Science.

Leiden, March 24, 2022 – Today, in the Oortzaal of the Old Observatory Leiden, artist Daan Roosegaarde announced the date of the project 'Seeing Stars Leiden'. On Sunday evening, September 25, 2022, the lights in a large part of the city will be turned 'off' for one hour. Those who then look up can be amazed. See the stars. Without light pollution. And wonder what light does to us humans. Scientific questions in a year that Leiden is the European City of Science. Citizen Science in Leiden, European City of Science. 

Lights out, stars on! 

According to Roosegaarde, it is no coincidence that this project is taking place in Leiden after the lights went out in Franeker, Friesland, last year. "Jan Oort is a native of Franeker," Roosegaarde said. "He then left for Leiden, became director of the Observatory and made world-famous discoveries. That's why it's so nice to be able to organize it here now on an even larger scale and with more focus on science and citizen participation. Wonderful, especially now that Leiden is also the European City of Science this year," says Roosegaarde.   

The target date of September 25th is not an arbitrary date. The moon is in a good position, it is dark earlier, and with a little luck Jupiter and Saturn can be seen. But of course it must be cloudless. An alternative date is therefore also being considered. 

Citizen Science 

Director, Meta Knol is proud of the project under the umbrella of European City of Science: "Seeing Stars enables a new connection with the stars and each other. A collective project where the whole city works together to turn off the lights and turn on the stars. A project where we will ask questions, count stars and get closer to science. We ask everyone to join us, because we dream of looking at the stars together".  Seeing Stars Leiden is a great example of Citizen Science in which cooperation between residents and scientists of Leiden University is central. 

With this project, in which there is close cooperation with various city partners, the Municipality of Leiden gives a gift to the city: "With Seeing Stars Leiden we turn a beautiful late summer evening into a great moment for young and old, against the backdrop of the Old Observatory in our historic center. In this way we bring knowledge and culture together in the year that Leiden is European City of Science. I am really looking forward to it", says Yvonne van Delft, alderman for Work, Income, Welfare, Economy & Culture. 

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Seeing Stars Leiden is powered by Studio Roosegaarde, municipality of Leiden, Leiden2022, Citizen Science Lab of Leiden University, Old Observatory of Leiden University, Cultuurfonds Leiden, UNESCO and Leiden&Partners. The film Seeing Stars is a collaboration with Media Monks.