Leiden Marketing is now Leiden & Partners

| Leiden International Centre

The city marketing organisation is implementing the name change because the current title no longer covers the scope of its activities. 

Leiden & Partners is the umbrella name under which various business units work to organise activities benefitting residents, companies, local talent and visitors. The new name is in line with other organisations such as The Hague & Partners, Rotterdam Partners and Amsterdam & Partners.

Leiden & Partners logo


More than Marketing

Leiden Marketing has been trying to clarify the association with marketing and explain its broad role for some time now. After all, the organisation is also active in completely different domains, including Expat Centre Leiden and the Leiden Convention Bureau. At the same time, the role of the organisation is increasingly changing and developments in the city are being given a broader interpretation. "For example, together with the municipality, various young people and student associations, we initiated a program of talk shows, debates and Instagram campaigns with which we tried to motivate young people from Leiden to comply with the corona rules," says director Martijn Bulthuis. “And we are now busy promoting education in Leiden & the region in order to recruit and retain teacher talents,” he adds.

Never alone

The strength of the organisation is also due to the close cooperation with partners. Started by 18 city partners and a number of 'founding partners', the focus was then mainly on 'branding' the city and 'managing' its reputation. “We almost never do anything alone,” explains Bulthuis. “We have many diverse partners, who we work with in coalitions based on subject matter and ambition. We invest, coordinate, initiate and finance together with companies, entrepreneurs, cultural and knowledge institutions, education institutes, municipalities, students, makers and thinkers.”

Contributions in well-being and prosperity

With its activities, Leiden & Partners contributes to the prosperity and well-being of residents and entrepreneurs. A city where life and experience are in balance, and where knowledge sharing and development are central.

More information about Leiden & Partners can be found at www.leidenenpartners.nl